How To Get The Covid Vaccine As An Expat In Portugal

If you are resident in Portugal, you are likely to be wondering about how your expat status affects your place in the country’s Covid vaccination programme. Will you be entitled to the vaccine, and what will it depend on? Do you need to be registered with the public healthcare system and what happens if you … Read more

Complementary Therapies In Portugal And How To Access Them

If you are legally resident in Portugal, then the vast majority of your healthcare needs will be covered by the country’s public health service, although you might need to pay a nominal amount to make an appointment with a doctor or pick up a prescription.Beyond general healthcare, however, a lot of people around the world … Read more

Dental And Opthalmic Care In Portugal: How To Find The Right Options For You

The Portuguese health system has a two-tiered approach, with most residents being covered by the national health service. You will be eligible for public healthcare if you are legally resident in Portugal, although you might have to pay a token amount for prescriptions and appointments, unless you are exempt.Appointments with dentists and opticians will not … Read more

How To Keep Fit And Healthy In Portugal

Moving abroad is a stressful time, even if you have chosen to move to a new location for a better overall quality of life. It is important to try to keep up good habits after you arrive, and to work out a health and fitness regime to keep you in top shape while you are … Read more

What Quality Of Healthcare Can You Expect In Portugal?

Portugal enjoys a good level of healthcare, both in the state-run public health system and in its private hospitals and clinics.Many expats opt to simply go with the public health system, which only charges a nominal amount for basic appointments and prescriptions as long as you fit the eligibility criteria. Others choose to take out … Read more

How To Keep Your Health Insurance Costs Low In Portugal

The healthcare system in Portugal takes a three-tiered approach. If you are a member of a relevant profession, for example if you are a civil servant or working in the armed forces, then your healthcare will be covered by the state through your professional body. If you are living in Portugal but are not in … Read more

How Much Do Health Procedures Cost In Portugal?

If you are legally resident in Portugal, you will be covered by the national health system. This means that most of your healthcare will be free at the point of service, but there are still some small fees for certain appointments and procedures.You can also opt to take out private healthcare in Portugal if you … Read more

How To Register With The Portuguese Health System

The Portuguese health system works on a three-tiered basis. Most people living in Portugal, regardless of whether they are in full-time employment, will be covered by the state health system, which is generally free at the point of service with a few small exceptions. If you work in a profession which is covered by its … Read more

How Does Cardiac Care In Portugal Compare With Other Expat Destinations?

In 2016, the world’s leading cause of death was ischemic heart disease, an illness which affected people across all locations and income brackets. However, in Portugal, a country that’s bathed with sunlight for most of the year and boasts 850 kilometres of Atlantic Ocean beaches, these figures were relatively low.Whether this statistic is linked to … Read more

Cancer Care In Portugal: What You Need To Know

Medical tourism brings thousands of visitors to new countries every year, with cosmetic surgery and dentistry often being the most popular reasons to travel for your health. However, whilst many actively seek out healthcare in advance, what do you do when you’re already living in another country and are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness?Cancer is … Read more

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