How To Apply For A Visa In Portugal

Portugal, a popular destination among both expats and tourists, can offer a number of opportunities to those seeking employment, despite its recent economic downturn. Whether or not you will need a visa to go there will depend on a number of factors, such as your nationality and the motivation behind your trip. Read on to … Read more

Getting Your Atestado De Residência in Portugal

Obtaining an ‘Atestado De Residência’ in Portugal is the process of gathering proof that you reside in the country. This is a process that can strike fear into the calmest of people, since gaining proof of residency in any country can be confusing and challenging, especially when there isn’t much information available online; however, it … Read more

What Does Portugal’s New Start-Up Visa Mean For You?

Long, hot summers with ample sunshine and endless silver beaches have made Portugal a highly sought-after destination for expats from all over the globe. This south European country boasts excellent living standards, modern infrastructure, warm people, a relaxed paced of life and great healthcare. Property prices are fairly reasonable, as is the overall cost of … Read more

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