How To Open A Bank Account In Spain

The banking industry in Spain experienced significant expansion in the early 21st century, only to take a huge knock when the 2008 housing crisis hit. During this economic slump, many regional savings banks either closed or merged with other banks. However, Spain’s economic growth seems to be improving, with the country’s GDP growing by 2% … Read more

How To Get Your Spanish NIE Number

We all hate paperwork and applications. One of the most tedious and often frustrating aspects of being an expat is the paperwork — the visa applications, the work permits, the tax numbers and so on and so forth… when will it end? It’s an unfortunate fact of life, paperwork. However, we’ll do our best to … Read more

Unexpected Charges In Spain And How To Deal With Them

With its alluring blend of stunning shores, unexplored mountains, diverse landscapes and vibrant cities, Spain has become one of the most popular destinations for tourists and expats from all across the globe. The nation offers its residents high living standards, with access to good quality infrastructure, education and healthcare. The excellent weather, unique cuisine and … Read more

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