How To Open A Bank Account In Colombia

Renowned for its world-class beaches and friendly locals, there are few countries more appealing to sun-seeking expats than Colombia. Miles of Caribbean coastline, coupled with an abundance of culture in the country’s increasingly expat-friendly cities, means there’s something for everyone.If you’re looking to join the many expats who have already made Colombia their home, you’ll … Read more

How To Rent Or Buy Property In Colombia

Columbia’s friendly locals, beautiful Caribbean coastlines and relaxed way of life have made it an attractive expat destination in recent years. The country has previously struggled with a less-than-brilliant reputation, but now the economy is growing and crime rates are at an all time low.Renting and buying property in Colombia is relatively straightforward, and with … Read more

How To Apply For A Visa In Colombia

A Yellow Fever vaccine is required for travellers entering Colombia from countries such as Brazil, Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Uganda. The vaccine must have been administered at least 10 days prior to your arrival in Colombia.Many nationalities can enter Colombia for a period of up to 90 days without the need for … Read more

How To Find A Job In Colombia

The South American nation of Colombia has become increasingly appealing to expats over the last decade, and if you are looking for work here, it can be a rewarding experience.The country has gradually been becoming more stable. Medellin, for instance, has an emerging tech industry and there are efforts to make the city a centre … Read more

How To Set Up A Bank Account In Colombia

There are a number of items that you will need in order to be able to open a bank account (cuenta bancaria) in Colombia. Expats need to take along their passport, residency and work visa and the Colombian issued identification card (cedula de extranjeria). It is recommended that you choose a fairly large banking organisation … Read more

How To Find An Apartment In Medellín

Medellín, Colombia’s second largest city, has a huge expat population, and is popular with digital nomads and short-term visitors too, so there are plenty of people looking for an apartment to rent there. The good news is that there’s something for almost every budget in the city, with some really cheap deals to be snapped … Read more

Renting An Apartment In Colombia: What Expats Need To Know

One of the first things on your mind when contemplating moving to a new country is obviously going to be “Where am I going to live?” Not just in terms of location, but your actual physical household, your own personal space to go home to at the end of the day.We all need a roof … Read more

Where In Colombia Would Suit You Best?

Colombia is a vibrant country with a lot to offer, but it can be difficult to find your place in it. As an expat, if you have the freedom to choose which area to move to, you want to be able to choose somewhere that best suits your interests.Whilst some of us love the party … Read more

An Expat Guide To Colombian Cuisine

Colombia has one of the most diverse and varied cuisines in the world. The culinary delicacies you are likely to find in the country are determined by the region you will visit. In some regions, you will find roasted ants and guinea pigs while in others you would not find anything like these dishes. If … Read more

David Hunter Bishop, Sabaneta

Who are you? David Hunter Bishop, born 1951 in Camden, New Jersey. I was raised in a working-class community on the Delaware River in Southern New Jersey, attended the United States Naval Academy and was graduated from Temple University with a degree in American Studies.After that I began a career in journalism that took me … Read more

Courtenay Strickland, Medellín

Who are you? My name is Courtenay Strickland, and I’m a writer and mom, among other roles. I’m originally from a small town outside Atlanta. I lived in various areas of the US before settling in Miami, which I called home for 10 years. My career has focused primarily on civil rights and civil liberties.After … Read more

Jade Longelin, Bogota

Who are you? I’m a world citizen specialized in digital marketing with a keen eye for analyzing and comparing cultural differences. Where, when and why did you move abroad? I’ve always lived ‘abroad’. I started living abroad since I was 6. I’m basically a professional expat!I was born in Paris but haven’t lived there since … Read more

Richard McColl, Bogotá

Who are you? I am Richard McColl, an Anglo Canadian freelance journalist and hotelier living in Colombia. I host a weekly podcast called Colombia Calling available on iTunes. Where, when and why did you move abroad? It’s been the process of a lifetime really. Long periods of my childhood were spent overseas and my parents … Read more

Colombia – Recommended Social Media Accounts

At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at Colombia and some of the social media accounts you should be following if you’re thinking of moving there.Expat ColombiaFacebook Page The self-assigned mission of … Read more

Sarah Duncan, Bogota

Who are you? My name is Sarah but people call me Sarepa. I have an arepa addiction to thank for that! I’m a travel writer, blogger and editor who has found myself writing about Colombia for the last 10 years.Where, when and why did you move abroad? I first decided to move to Colombia in … Read more

Colombia – Recommended Blogs

At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at Colombia and some of the blogs that might be useful for expats there.Banana Skin Flip Flops Aside from having one of the best blog … Read more

5 Good Reasons You Should Move To Colombia (And 1 Reason You Shouldn’t!)

As an expat destination, Colombia isn’t as popular as other South American countries such as Argentina and Brazil. However, there’s plenty to recommend in this beautiful, diverse, and very welcoming country. Here are five reasons you might want to move there. The natural beauty There are few countries as naturally gorgeous as Colombia. The variety … Read more

Internet Access In Colombia: What You Need To Know

Colombia is among the most populous countries in Latin America; it is greatly urbanized, and most of the population inhabits the cities. Colombians have had broadband internet access since 1997, but the service was initially very expensive, since it was charged in US dollars. Since then, internet access in the country has seen considerable change. … Read more

Giving Birth In Colombia As An Expat

Many expat professionals move to Colombia for the job opportunities there – there are exciting and lucrative positions available in a variety of sectors such as medicine, construction, and energy. English teachers are also always in demand in this Spanish-speaking nation. Living in Colombia has its advantages, such as low cost of living and affordable … Read more

Phil Sale, Medellin

Who are you? I am Phil Sale, a 57 year old retired Police Officer from the UK Where, when and why did you move abroad? I first left the UK in 2006 to live in Spain, where I had had holiday property for some years, I moved permanently, because after thirty years in the Police, … Read more

The Dark Side Of Expat Life In Colombia

There’s plenty to love about Colombia – the diversity and beauty of both its geography and culture, and the promising and already growing economy are the major factors that draw people to it. In the last several years, the country has started to become increasingly popular among expats as a result of the numerous improvements … Read more

Colombia – Five Recommended Expat Blogs

At Expat Focus, we like to be on the lookout for resources around the web that could help prospective expats adjust to their new countries. Today, we’re taking a look at Colombia and some of the bloggers who write about living there. Medellin Living Medillin Living devotes itself to tips and articles about living in … Read more