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Why Are So Many Expats Moving To Japan?

Welcome to Japan, or should we say, 日本へようこそ (pronounced Nihon e yo-koso ).

For the past 1,400 years or so, the world has referred to Japan as Nippon, the land of the rising sun; and for those who have decided to take that leap and emigrate, the sun will be rising over pastures new. More and more people are choosing to take advantage of the Japanese government’s eagerness to attract migrants to their beautiful country. But why ...    more ...

So Much More Than Sushi: A Culinary Tour Of Japan

Japan's geographical location sits in the middle of four bodies of water. In addition, it has a temperate climate, sufficient rainfall and fertile soil for agricultural farming and fishing, all of which provide a wealth of food sources for the country. A world-leading commercial fishing industry means seafood constitutes the base for dishes eaten by local people, alongside regionally grown rice, soybeans and vegetables. A meal often consists of s ...    more ...

Eleven Weird Foods You'll Encounter When You Move To Japan

Along with their own national dishes, the Japanese also give a twist to many popular foods (baked potato flavour KitKats, anyone?), including pizza and ice cream.

However, while many flavours may be available for these popular western choices, there are also lots of other unusual sounding and tasting creations and if, as an expat, you can get used to ice cream with jellyfish or beef tongue flavours or even fried chicken or octopus, then this c ...    more ...

Japan Is Seeking More Expats - Could You Be One Of Them?

(c) Moyan Brenn on Wikipedia
The Land of the Rising Sun was once a shining beacon of high-tech innovation with an economy that burned brightly. Sadly, this has not lasted. After the boom, the inevitable bust has lead to a long-lasting decline.    more ...

Top 10 Safety Tips For Expat Women In Japan

Image © Martin Abegglen on Flickr
Japan has a reputation for being exceptionally safe. The crime rate is incredibly low, and various international studies have placed Japan right at the top of the list of safe countries, along with places like Canada and Iceland. Japanese citizens reportedly have the lowest levels of safety-related anxiety in the world – people leave their homes unlocked and their keys in their vehicles, children walk to and from school on their own, and women ...    more ...

Ten Japanese Words That Don't Translate Into English

Image © Joanna Barton on Flickr
One of the delights of learning a new language is discovering words that have no equivalent in your own language, words that you never imagined existed, but that capture ideas that are quite familiar.

The Japanese language has some wonderful ones; below are ten examples. Some are words and phrases that can be translated literally, but may make no sense this way and actually signify something quite different. Others have absolutely no equivale ...    more ...

5 Foods You Must Try When Living In Japan

Japanese cuisine enjoys an excellent reputation around the world. While sushi may be the most popular Japanese dish in many parts of the globe, the country also produces many other delectable foods. Sampling Japanese cuisine in Japan itself is a memorable experience, and while there are a variety of must-try dishes; here is our list of the top five Japanese foods you must not miss out on when in Japan.


Tempura are delightfully li ...    more ...

5 Things You Should Do When Living In Japan (And 1 You Definitely Shouldn't)

Japan is a country of contrasts with its serene natural beauty and many Buddhist temples on one hand, and on the other, the high technology and innovation for which its cities like Tokyo are world-renowned. The country also has a plethora of places to explore and things to do, making it quite an exciting place to live in. If you’ve just moved to Japan or have been living there for a while, here are 5 things you really should do.

A side of ...    more ...

Learning To Communicate With The Locals In Japan - Some Tips For Expats

It’s not really necessary for expats living in Japan to learn Japanese. This is especially true in cities like Tokyo or Osaka. But many who make the country their home prefer learning at least some basic Japanese so they can communicate better with their Japanese friends and integrate into the lifestyle and culture.

Some knowledge of the Katakana script of the Japanese language usually comes in handy when reading menu and shopping signs.
...    more ...

Driving In Japan - A Few Tips For Expats

Public transport in Japan’s cities is known to be quite good, and many who live in or visit the country prefer to opt out of driving. However, the rural areas are not too well connected, and if you need to travel beyond the major cities, it may become necessary to have your own vehicle.

The roads and highways in urban areas can be quite chaotic, and expats should exercise caution when driving here. Another common complaint is that many of t ...    more ...

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