Bruce Joffe, Portugal

Who are you? My name is Bruce Joffe. My partner (husband) is Russ Warren. On January 25th, we celebrated our 30th anniversary. A “retired” university professor, church pastor, public relations executive, and publisher (six books, six magazines) – I do like alliteration – I retired four years ago and moved with Russ and our three … Read more

Bruce, Portugal

Who are you? My name is Bruce Joffe. If you insist, honorifics can be added: Rev. Bruce H. Joffe, Ph.D. If, by “who am I?” you are asking “what do you do?”, I am a semi-retired communications professor, church pastor, magazine publisher, book author, and marketing guru, who currently is publisher and creative director of … Read more

Paul Garcia, Alentejo and Algarve

Who are you? My name is Paul. My friends call me Pauly G, “just the brown guy from America.” I am a person from Las Vegas, Nevada who I feel achieved the American Dream and at the end of the day, my life was not happy. I shed most all of my material artifacts to … Read more

Jocelyn, Algarve

Who are you? Hello, I’m Jocelyn from Malaysia. I believe a little leap of faith can unlock your pathway beyond your expectations!This is the beginning of my expat journey in a foreign land without knowing anybody and it’s me all by myself. (I feel like singing Celine Dion’s “All By Myself” most of the time.) … Read more

Yayeri Van Baarsen, Algarve

Who are you? I’m Yayeri van Baarsen, a 33-year-old journalist from Holland. Currently I live in the Algarve, together with my boyfriend and our dog, where we make Enjoy the Algarve, a free online magazine about the south of Portugal.Actually, Kyle and I make the magazine, Gustave the dog isn’t such a big help when … Read more

Alexa, Lisbon

Who are you? I am Alexa, a 43-year-old single mother, copywriter and blogger. Where, when and why did you move abroad? Actually there a few answers here!20 years ago, I moved to Montreal. The experience was amazing, and lasted for 3 wonderful years. 16 years ago, I moved to Rotterdam (NL), for a year. It … Read more

Gail Aguiar, Porto

Who are you? My name is Gail Aguiar, I’m a Gen-X Canadian who’s moved around a lot. I’ve lived in half of Canada’s provinces, and a bunch of countries. I hate moving (the un/packing), but I love exploring.Where, when and why did you move abroad? I was a first-time tourist to Portugal in 2011, a … Read more

Helena Radeson Silverup, Cascais

Who are you? I am Helena Radeson Silverup Where, when and why did you move abroad? Me and my family (husband and then four year old daughter) moved from Stockholm, Sweden to Cascais, Portugal in January 2016. We are now here as ex-pats.We moved because we wanted to give our daughter this incredible language, multicultural … Read more

Joy Hanford, Guimarães

Who are you? My name is Joy Hanford. I am a Midwestern American. I am a children’s book author, an artist, a writer and a blogger. I am a wife and mother and a friend. I love to laugh, read and tell stories, pop and eat endless bowls of popcorn, travel and live my best … Read more

Kev Harrison, Lisbon

Who are you? I’m a 36 year-old English language teacher, living and working in Lisbon, Portugal. I grew up in Surrey, in south-east England and lived in London, Birmingham and other UK cities before moving abroad.After university, not knowing what I wanted to do, at all, I started a career as a financial analyst, which … Read more

Sarah Hendrickx, Algarve

Who are you? I am Sarah Hendrickx, a freelance writer, book author, autism specialist and expat blogger. I do all of these things in Portugal – some remotely and some on return trips to the UK. Where, when and why did you move abroad? My partner and I explored many countries and regions looking for … Read more

Christine Morgan, Guimarães

My name is Christine Morgan and I came to Portugal for a brief period over 30 years ago. I never left. Why Portugal? At the time I had travelled widely and had also experienced living abroad (including on the island of Crete for about nine months prior to starting University- an unforgettable experience and worthy … Read more

Julie Dawn Fox, Moura Morta

My name’s Julie and I’m a writer, a traveller and a teacher as well as being a serial expat. I’m originally from the UK but have lived abroad for over ten years now. I had something of a mid-mid-life crisis in my late twenties which resulted in me trading the depressingly dull job I had … Read more

Derek Harper, Tomar

My name is Derek Harper, I am originally from Scotland and now live in Central Portugal with my girlfriend. We never set off to move to Portugal it just sort of happened, you know the way these things do. Way back in 2002, New Year’s eve to be exact, my girlfriend Nicky Carter and I … Read more

Wendy Manning, Central Portugal

Hello, I am Wendy Manning and I live in Central Portugal with husband Paul and children James (9) and Daniel(6). We moved from the UK towards the end of 2007, like many others it seems. We just decided that we had had enough of working to live and keep a very expensive house and mortgage … Read more

Robin & Shirley Hepworth, Western Algarve

Robin & Shirley Hepworth. I’m a 48 model ex IT Manager; Shirley is a coronation special and a Maths, Chemistry and Biology teacher. Plus Nellie our 2002 Doberman x German Shepherd dog. In 2007 we sold up and moved to the Western Algarve, Portugal. Why? Many reasons – better quality of life, less stressful living, … Read more

Diane & Eric, Bemposta

We are Diane and Eric. We are both trying marriage for a second time… so far! We are both former Devonians although my wife was brought up in Cornwall. We met through our work at a local newspaper and after knowing each other for eight years and having both been divorced for ten years we … Read more

Emma, Central Portugal

Emma from Australia here. After 20 years in the film industry in Sydney I had had enough of 80-hour working weeks and wanted to get a life. I had planned to be travelling for a few years but I fell in love with Portugal as soon as I arrived. When I saw charming ruins for … Read more

Dave, Aveiro

I’m Dave. An aged hippy who managed to pretend to be a successful I.T. consultant for much of my working life before I morphed into Mr Odd Job for three years before moving to Portugal. Nowadays I am much happier playing with lumps of wood than with computers, so no techie questions please. In July … Read more

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