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South Korea > Living

South Korea

Top Ten Insider Tips About South Korea

Image © USAG- Humphreys on Flickr
South Korea’s capital city, Seoul, is a sophisticated destination full of skyscrapers and modern buildings. Juxtaposed with them, however, is a mass of ancient temples, museums and palaces. This mixture of old and new is a prominent characteristic of the country.

Expats in South Korea can expect a high standard of living – the transportation system is extensive and healthcare is advanced and efficient; education receives high priority; an ...    more ...
South Korea

A Brief Guide To The Main Religious Beliefs In South Korea

The religious atmosphere in South Korea is rather complicated, and is also surprising to most expats. Contrary to what many expect, indigenous or traditional local religious beliefs do not account for the majority of the population’s religious affiliations. Instead, the largest religious groups are followers of what can be considered to be religious imports, in a sense – Buddhism, Protestantism, and Roman Catholicism. In fact, when you combin ...    more ...
South Korea

A Short Expat Guide To Food And Drink In South Korea

South Korean food may be an acquired taste, but once you get used to it, it can be pretty addictive. The food here displays definite influences of Chinese and Japanese cuisines, but it still retains its unique flavor palette of spice and garlic combined with mild flavored ingredients such as raw fish.

Some amount of culture shock is almost inevitable, so the best thing to do is embrace the change and try to get accustomed to the new foods and ...    more ...
South Korea

Recommended Reading For Expats Moving To South Korea

South Korea is an interesting mix of old and new. Rapid modernization in the recent decades has led to the springing up of many factories, advanced medical facilities, large department stores and modern restaurants. But the country also retains its ancient charm with its street markets, traditional herbal medicine shops and temples. The following books are a must-read for expats moving to South Korea.

Learning to Think Korean: A Guide to Livi ...    more ...
South Korea

5 Things Expats in Korea Need to Know

So you plan to pack up and move to Korea? Great! Just remember, everything might not go according to plan. I had planned to go for one year, and told everyone I’d be home soon. Seven years later, I finally left. I also met people who didn’t last a year, and returned home after 6 months, unable to adjust to life in the Land of the Morning Calm. Based on my own years of experience, here are 5 things every expat should know when they board a pla ...    more ...
South Korea

The Korea I Know: Life Through the Expat Lens

by Lindsey Coulter

Most new expats arriving in South Korea will do so via Incheon International, a sprawling complex of futuristic terminals and expansive runways. Incheon International is about as technologically advanced as an airport can get, a theme repeated across the country from classrooms to supermarkets.

When this modern, user-friendly Korea is an expat’s first introduction to the country, it’s easy to believe everything els ...    more ...
South Korea

The Current Situation for Expats in Seoul

Seoul Plaza
Upon the late 2011 death of North Korean despot Kim Jong-Il, and the ascendancy of his son Kim Jong-Eun to the leadership of the so-called "hermit kingdom", commentators throughout the free world began to speak hopefully of the possible reforms and fresh outlook that the "Great Successor" (and world's youngest head of state) might bring to that unhappy land. Early signs indicated that the newest member of the Kim dynasty would have a friendlier v ...    more ...

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