How To Apply For A Visa In Argentina

Argentina offers a number of different visas for different circumstances, and as a result, the application process can be complicated. In addition, good Spanish is useful in navigating the regulations. However, citizens of the U.K., the U.S.A, Canada, Australia and most western European countries can visit Argentina, and remain for up to 90 days, without … Read more

5 Things You Should Know Before Moving To Argentina

Argentina is known for its European character, with its capital of Buenos Aires often compared to the quintessentially European cities of Rome and Paris. But Argentina is equally admired for its traditional country lifestyle, and the gaucho, the Argentinian equivalent of the ‘cowboy’, is a still a popular icon. For expats, Argentina is a destination … Read more

Ten Essentials You Need To Pack For A Move To Argentina

Packing for a move to a different country can be a daunting task. But before you begin the actual packing, it helps to take stock of what will and will not be useful to you abroad. If you are moving to one of the big cities in Argentina, such as Buenos Aires, then you will … Read more

Moving To Argentina – What To Expect As A New Expat

With its growing economy, business opportunities and laidback lifestyle, Argentina continues to attract expats from all over the world. Here’s what you can expect as a new expat in Argentina. Health services Argentina is known to have far better healthcare services that the other countries in South America. Expats can avail of private and public … Read more

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