Singapore's Early Learning Village: A Good Choice For Expat Children?

One of the main challenges for many expat families is finding the best education for their children. What are the best options academically? And is that option affordable?   more ...

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Expat Living
Homeware Shopping In Singapore - A Guide For New Expats

What makes a home a home? If you’re moving to a new country, even temporarily, you will want to be able to make your home a haven; an oasis of calm   more ...

Expat Living
A Guide To Hiring Home Help In Singapore

Many people these days are so busy juggling work, social commitments and family life that keeping a home spick and span or having time to do the groce   more ...

Expat Living
Childcare Options In Singapore For Working Expats

As a parent, you naturally want what is best for your child. However, it can be hard to choose the best childcare option. Not everyone can or wants to   more ...

An Expat Guide To Salaries in Singapore

One of the first questions on the lips of every expat when considering moving to a new country is “how much will I earn?” shortly followed by “h   more ...

Singapore - Bright, clean and modern, Singapore offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere in a tropical climate. Shopping and eating are constant temptations in the gleaming city, but off the beaten track you will discover kampong life and incredible natural beauty.


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Anja, Singapore

Who are you?

My name is Anja aka CurlyTraveller. I am a fifty-something woman from the Netherlands, and my blog has articles and lots of pictures about my travels and explorations in Asia, about art, mixed with snippets of my personal life and thoughts. Am crazy a   more ...

Trinayan Baruah, Singapore

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My name is Trinayan Baruah and I am 22 years old. I am currently living in New Delhi. I have just finished my Bachelor of Techn   more ...

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My name is Elske Swets. I am 30 years old, happily married and mother of a three-month-old daughter. I was born and raised i   more ...

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My name is Stuart and I'm from Scotland, in the United Kingdom. I grew up on the west coast in a town called Troon and studied   more ...