How To Register For Healthcare In Indonesia

Indonesia has a two-tier, single payer system: the public scheme is known as the Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional (JKN) and the country also has a number of private health providers. We will look at your options for healthcare registration below. The BPJS (Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial / Social Insurance Administration Organization) administers the Indonesian national health … Read more

What Quality Of Healthcare Can You Expect In Indonesia?

The quality of healthcare that you will experience in Indonesia will depend on whether you are accessing the public or the private healthcare sector. As an expat, you will not be eligible for national insurance in Indonesia. Therefore, you will either have to rely on your private health insurance cover, or pay out of pocket … Read more

What Options Are Available For Chronically Ill Expats In Indonesia?

If you are resident in Indonesia and are suffering from a chronic condition, you will have little option but to seek medical treatment in the private sector. Expats are not entitled to national health insurance, although you will be able to access the public healthcare system if you pay upfront.However, it is not advisable to … Read more

What Cover Is Available For Sports Injuries In Indonesia?

Indonesia is a popular destination for sporting activities, such as swimming, scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, parasailing, flyboarding, wakeboarding and rafting. The country also has a large number of gyms and yoga retreats, so it is easy to adopt a healthy lifestyle during your time there. To make sure that you are covered in the event … Read more

How To Register With The Health System In Indonesia

If you are intending to live and work in the beautiful country of Indonesia, you need to be aware that the Indonesian public health insurance scheme will not be open to you, as an expat, beyond emergencies. You therefore need to either take out private health insurance, or pay out of pocket for your medical … Read more

How To Keep Your Health Insurance Costs Low In Indonesia

If you are living and working in Indonesia, you will not be eligible for the national health insurance scheme, and you will only be able to access the public health system under your own private cover, or by paying up front out of pocket. Even then, the public scheme is limited, as it is overstretched … Read more

How To Keep Fit And Healthy In Indonesia

If you are living and working in Indonesia, or planning to travel there, keeping fit and well is important. The Indonesian public healthcare system suffers from a number of limitations: it is overstretched, has poor patient outcomes, and is overcrowded. Patients, particularly in rural areas, sometimes find it hard to get the care they need.Most … Read more

How Much Do Health Procedures Cost In Indonesia?

If you are an expat living in Indonesia, you will not be eligible for national health insurance. Therefore, you will need to consider your options. You could seek private treatment, for which you would need to pay out of pocket or through your private health insurance. Alternatively, you could use the public sector, but you … Read more

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