How To Apply For A Visa In Japan

Japan is one of the world’s major tourist destinations, and it is also an appealing employment destination to some expats. Visiting the country from most Western nations is usually straightforward, but you will find some additional regulatory requirements if you want to work there.Will I need a visa? Whether or not you will need a … Read more

Moving To Japan? Here’s What You Need To Know Before You Arrive

In the future, foreign professionals as well as entrepreneurs, academic researchers and technical experts will be classed as highly skilled workers and have the privilege of being fast-tracked for permanent residency. This means they will be able to apply after five years of living in the country, which is around half the time other expats … Read more

The “New Resident Card” System in Japan

courtesy of H&R Group On July 9, 2012 the new Residency Management system comes into effect. There are two main ways the structure is changing: 1. The Alien Registration System is ending and will be replaced by a residency management system, under the authority of the Immigration Bureau of the Justice Ministry. A “Residence Card” … Read more

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