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Why Has Switzerland Been Voted The #1 Expat Destination?

Switzerland has climbed seven places, knocking Singapore off the #1 spot in the HSBC Expat Insider survey. As a long-term favourite expat destination, it is no surprise that this stunning country has secured a position in the top 10 every year since 2011, and placed 8th in the 2018 survey.    more ...

Organic Food Shopping In Geneva

We are all getting more conscious of the need to look after our planet. Around the world, initiatives to clean up the air, the oceans and the food we eat are taking effect. In the UK for example, shops are required by law to charge for plastic bags, seeing a massive drop in the amount of non-degradable junk going to landfill.    more ...

9 Reasons You Might Want To Retire To Switzerland

(c) tpsdave on Pixabay
Switzerland is known for its clocks, cheese and chocolates, and also the Swiss are known to be punctual and efficient. But, there’s more to Switzerland than this. It is a diverse, cosmopolitan and multilingual nation, and among the top tourist destinations for travellers from around the globe. There are a number of retirees who call Switzerland their home. The Swiss government has even established a special retirement residency program, to acco ...    more ...

11 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Moving To Switzerland

(c) Zermatt Photos on Wikipedia
Switzerland, with its spectacular natural landscapes, cosmopolitan population, and high standard of living, is an expat magnet. A multilingual country with 26 cantons, Switzerland has four official languages: German, French, Romansch and Italian.

The country is also an attractive investment destination on account of its robust economy and favorable banking laws. Due to the stable economy, unemployment is low and lucrative jobs are easily avai ...    more ...

Ten Swiss Foods Expats Need To Try

(c) Sandstein on Wikipedia
Some countries are famous for their cuisine: the spicy servings of India, the delicate dishes of France and the hearty fare of the UK. But Switzerland has more of a reputation for cuckoo clocks and yodelling than for its food.

The alpine nation is seen as a bastion of efficient financial services and a haven for snow-loving adrenaline junkies. Sat in the heart of the European continent, Switzerland shares borders, traditions and recipes with i ...    more ...

Ten Swiss Winter Activities That Aren't Skiing

© Matthias Forster on Flickr
Mention the words “Switzerland” and “winter” in the same sentence, and there’s a high chance that almost anyone you’re talking to will immediately think of skiing on snow-covered Swiss mountains. Outsiders tend to imagine the whole of Switzerland as a snowy wonderland all through the winter, even though a considerable part of the country enjoys a moderate climate, and the southern tip can be described as nearly Mediterranean.    more ...

Things To Consider As An Expat Moving To Switzerland

Switzerland often tops the list of the best places in the world for expats to live in because of its high standard of living, low crime rate, booming economy, modern infrastructure, scenic beauty and natural resources. However, life in this country isn’t ideal for everyone. There are a few aspects that a foreigner should carefully consider before making the decision to move to this Alpine State.

Learning the languages

There are 4 nati ...    more ...

5 Experiences You Must Try As an Expat in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country with a lot of diversity and it is an extremely popular destination with a lot to offer travellers. Living in Switzerland is however quite different from holidaying in Switzerland. This obviously holds true for most countries, but it’s something that most expats tend to forget because it is easy to get overwhelmed with the natural beauty of the Swiss countryside and the prospect of outdoor adventures. The country has hug ...    more ...

Dealing With Culture Shock In Switzerland - Some Advice For New Expats

Switzerland’s cultural and linguistic diversity makes it easy for most European expats to settle down and assimilate. Nevertheless, culture shock is an inescapable reality that any expat has to deal with when moving to a new country. Dealing with culture shock is never easy but a simple way to reduce it is to familiarize yourself with the customs and practises of the country. Here are a few things to keep in mind about living in Switzerland:

...    more ...

Why Moving To Switzerland Will (Probably) Make You Happier

Moving to a new place is always pretty tough, but it should be a no-brainer if the move is to anywhere in Switzerland! While Switzerland may be a pretty expensive country to live in and that may seem daunting to most, the truth is, if you do move to Switzerland on work, you will be paid well. Minimum-wage or “wage slave” jobs, as we refer to them in the rest of the world, do not exist in Switzerland, and no matter what service someone perform ...    more ...

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