Expat Education In The Gulf States

The Gulf has become an incredibly popular and desired option for expats over recent years. With a population reaching 8 million across the United Arab Emirates alone, the pull of luxury lifestyles, great pay and safe culture is an alluring prospect for many. In the international expat series, Stephen Spriggs from William Clarence Education shares … Read more

An Expat Guide To Universities In The UAE

There are several benefits to studying in the UAE. There‚Äôs the ever-present sunny weather, the sea and sand, and the chance to earn a tax-free income upon graduation. More importantly, there are 116 higher learning institutions, which include three public institutes and 30 international branches of universities from across the world. Most international universities are … Read more

An Overview Of International Schools in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates has a thriving expat population, much of it centered in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Lucrative employment, investment opportunities, tax-free income and a high standard of living are factors that make the UAE a highly popular destination among expats. The education system in the UAE has undergone considerable reform since the 1960s … Read more

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