How To Open A Bank Account In The UAE

The financial landscape of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been steadily improving for a number of years now. New developments in technology (as well as new regulations being implemented) have transformed the banking sector. The Central Bank is at the helm of the banking system, presiding over the local and foreign banking institutions operating … Read more

Why Are Expats In The UAE Struggling To Save Money?

The UAE has for a long time been considered a major player in the world in tourism as well as business. Expats are attracted to this country because of the tax-free lifestyle and the high standard of living. For decades, the UAE has had a large expat community, one that accounts for at least half … Read more

How To Budget For A Move To The UAE: An Expat Guide

It is hard to talk about the United Arab Emirates without using superlatives. In less than four decades this Middle Eastern country has completely transformed itself from a tribal culture that was mainly dependent on fishing, pearl diving, and agriculture to a commercial, entrepreneurial, and industrial success story. The UAE has come a long way … Read more

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