How To Rent Or Buy Property In The United Arab Emirates

Although housing prices have dropped in recent years, accommodation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) remains expensive. Dubai and Abu Dhabi in particular attract many expats, with Dubai being the most expensive city and Abu Dhabi coming in at a close second. Sharjah, Fujairah and Al Ain are all less expensive options.As a federation of … Read more

Middle Eastern Property Market Suffers Following US Election Result

The real estate market of the Gulf is often in the global news. This sector has been through a considerable number of ups and downs for a long time now. The last few decades have seen a huge improvement in the types of residential and commercial properties that have been constructed across the region. Moreover, … Read more

Here’s Why You Should Rent Instead Of Buying In The UAE

The United Arab Emirates is home to hundreds of thousands of expats from all across the globe. Contrary to what a lot of people believe, this cosmopolitan country is a lot more tolerant and modernized than the majority of nations in the Middle East. In fact, people of all ages can settle in quite easily, … Read more

A Guide To The Expat Property Hotspots Of The UAE

The modern cities of the UAE offer numerous work opportunities for expats. These cosmopolitan destinations have thriving business environments and provide the expat population with many benefits, such as excellent salary packages and no income taxation. These cities therefore have a significant expat community, enabling new entrants to feel at home easily. Here are some … Read more

Property in Dubai – What Expats Should Know

For those with an eye and ear on international affairs, the very word ‘Dubai’ can conjure up images of an extravagant, hyper-modern dreamworld, defined by its bold “science fiction now” innovations in architecture and landscaping. Of course, there are certain lightning rods for attention, like the new underwater Water Discus hotel being developed by the … Read more

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