How To Rent Or Buy Property In Andorra

Situated in the Pyrenees mountains, Andorra is a small, independent principality that’s known for its ski resorts and status as a tax haven. But it’s not just the cash savings that are attractive to its population of 80,000 people. Located between France and Spain, the country is filled with natural beauty, with an abundance of … Read more

Andorra – an increasingly attractive location for property buyers

European tax haven Andorra enjoys the same fiscal benefits as better known Monaco, adding to property demand from those looking for residency in a tax shelter as well as traditional ski chalet buyers who flock to the country between December and April each year. With the end of the ski season last month many ski … Read more

Andorra Awaits – European Tax Haven Property Prices Climb Again

by Roger Munns Tax haven Andorra saw one of the sharpest property price rises in Europe in 2005 with a 19 per cent increase. This has been sustained with another high leap in prices in 2006, this time of 16 per cent. 2007 could see another double digit property price rise for the small Pyrenees … Read more

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