Food & Drink
A Guide To The Cuisine Of Belize

The cuisine of the beautiful country of Belize is quite varied, with a mix of African, Mexican, Caribbean and Mayan culinary influence. You are likely to find restaurants and eateries that serve Indian, Chinese, and American dishes in this country.   more ...

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Places & Locations
A Guide To The Regions Of Belize

Belize, a Central American country situated to the north of Honduras and the south of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, has a small population amounting t   more ...

Belize - Recommended Expat Blogs

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An Expat Guide To The Cost Of Living In Belize

Fine living often comes at a huge premium. Most places where the quality and standards of life are high tend to be quite expensive. Many potential exp   more ...

An Expat Guide To Healthcare In Belize

A South American nation with English as its official language, Belize is different from its neighbors in many ways. This independent country offers it   more ...

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Laura Diffendal, Placencia

Who are you?

My name is Laura, and I am originally from Cleveland, OH. I moved to Placencia, Belize, about 2.5 years ago. I was a marriage counselor in the US, and my husband and I had a side business of renovating distressed properties. We loved it so much we plan   more ...

Rebecca Coutant, Ambergris Caye

Who are you?

My name is Rebecca Coutant and I grew up in New a suburb of NYC. My family didn't travel much...just a beach trip   more ...

Jenny Smedra, San Ignacio

Who are you?

My name is Jenny Smedra and I am currently teaching English in the city of Merida, Mexico. I grew up in the Midwest in a very   more ...

Martin Hendrikx, San Ignacio

Who are you?

My name is Martin Hendrikx. I grew up in a UN family so we moved around a lot and when I graduated school, I decided that the   more ...