How To Register With The Health System In Malta

Malta has a two-tier healthcare system. The National Health Service (NHS) is provided by the state and is responsible for public service delivery. In parallel with the NHS, there exists a private sector, providing services through a large number of clinics and a number of privately-run hospitals.As an expat, you have three main options for … Read more

What Quality of Healthcare Can You Expect in Malta?

The Maltese health system is very well-respected and has a long history of providing publicly-funded care, dating back to 1372 when Malta had its first functioning hospital. The Knights of St. John arrived in the country in the early 16th century and quickly established building hospitals as one of their primary concerns.Today it has a … Read more

Malta’s Healthcare System: A Short Guide For Expats

Malta‚Äôs history of providing publicly funded health care dates all the way back to 1372, when its first hospital was already functioning. When the Knights of St. John first arrived in Malta in the 16th century, one of their first projects was the building of hospitals. Malta today has a public healthcare system, called the … Read more

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