The Student Hotel: Accommodation For Life-Long Learners And Explorers

In a former publishing house, east of Amsterdam’s city centre, the tip-tap of a table tennis game snaps back and forth through the air. There are comfy sofas, a retro photo booth, a shiny black foosball table and a curtained-off area with a TV that is never switched off. A launderette with a six-foot-high pin … Read more

A Guide To International Schools In Rotterdam

Despite being the second-biggest city in the Netherlands, Rotterdam has relatively few international schools to choose from. It could be that this makes your decision easier if you have children and decide to move there!All English-speaking international secondary schools offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, but not all offer the Cambridge-administered International General Certificate of … Read more

An Expat Guide To Preschool In Amsterdam

Preschool (voorschool) is a government-subsidised schooling system for children aged 2.5 to 4. More structured than a playschool, the voorschool works in association with their local primary school (basisschool) and is designed to equip children – in a fun way – with the basic skills for school life.Attending a preschool is not compulsory, but the … Read more

Choosing A Primary School In The Netherlands

With around 7000 primary schools to choose from, newcomers to the Netherlands need clear information to identify the best fit for their child. We answer the key questions on primary education options to help you begin your search.What do I need to know about primary education in the Netherlands? Most children will start school on, … Read more

An Overview Of International Schools in The Netherlands

Expats in the Netherlands have a choice of many good international schools for their children. The Dutch Ministry of Education partly subsidizes most international schools and these schools remain within ministry rules. Due to this subsidy, the schools are able to offer more affordable fees. Students eligible for admission into these schools include those from … Read more

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