How To Apply For A Visa In Peru

Peru is an exciting and popular destination both for tourists and potential expats. The Peruvian economy has been continuing to grow in recent years, resulting in some exciting opportunities for those seeking employment abroad. Whether or not you will need a visa to visit Peru depends on why you are travelling there, how long you … Read more

5 Things To Consider Before Moving To Peru

Entrepreneur Alan La Rue is our guest in this episode of the Expat Focus podcast. A language school owner, he’s been living in the country for a long time, and is going to talk through the essentials: from where to live to what to bring with you; job opportunities in Peru; how to approach learning … Read more

How To Obtain Residency In Peru

There have been a few major changes to Peru’s visa system. Some visa types no longer exist, some have changed significantly, and others are waiting for the final seal of approval. However, despite this, Peru remains a relatively easy country in which to obtain permanent residency.Immigration offices are located in most major cities but all … Read more

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