What Quality Of Healthcare Can You Expect In Russia?

If you are going to be living and working in Russia, you may need to access healthcare services while you’re there. The quality of the provision you receive will depend on whether you choose to access the public or the private healthcare sector. We will look at both sectors below and consider some of your … Read more

How To Keep Your Health Insurance Costs Low In Russia

If you are applying for a Russian visa, you will need to demonstrate that you have some form of health insurance, before you enter the country. Once on the ground, you will be eligible to access public healthcare, as long as you are making contributions into the Russian social security system.However, as we shall see … Read more

How To Keep Fit And Healthy In Russia

Russia is not always considered to offer the healthiest lifestyle on the planet, but if you are going to be living and working there, then you will find plenty of opportunities to keep fit and well.Russia is an enormous country. You will find a diverse range of landscapes there, and there are opportunities for sailing, … Read more

How Much Do Health Procedures Cost In Russia?

How much you will pay for healthcare in Russia will depend on whether you access the public sector or the private sector. In general, state healthcare in the country is not of a high standard – it is not as high quality as you may be accustomed to in the West. The system is underfunded … Read more

How Does Cancer Care In Russia Compare With The USA?

Overall, oncological care in the public sector in the USA is substantially better than in the public healthcare system in Russia. Russian healthcare suffers from a number of challenges: poor infrastructure, overcrowding, corruption and underfunding. In saying this, the quality of the actual medical provision is often good, and Russian oncological research is forging ahead. … Read more

Dental And Ophthalmic Care In Russia: How To Find The Right Options For You

If you are living and working in Russia, and you need to access dental and ophthalmological care, then what are the best options for you? Russian public healthcare, unfortunately, has a poor reputation. Provision is often very limited outside the big cities, such as Moscow and St Petersburg, and the scheme is underfunded and often … Read more

Complementary Therapies In Russia And How To Access Them

There are a number of complementary therapies available in Russia, from Eastern healing therapies to traditional Russian forms of relaxation. If you are living and working in the country, then you may want to learn more about your options.The use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is widespread in Russia and can be found in … Read more

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