Is Amsterdam Finally Growing Sick of Expats?

Amsterdam may have made it into the top five cities for expats in last year’s Expat Insider survey, but the welcome they can expect may be waning.   more ...

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A Handy Guide To Making Friends In Amsterdam

So you’ve made the choice to move to Amsterdam. Visa? Tick. Accommodation? Tick. Employment? Tick. Friends? Hmm… if you haven’t quite fallen int   more ...

An Expat Guide To Work Permits In The Netherlands

Thinking of moving to the Netherlands for work, or looking to employ someone from outside the country? Here are our answers to the most common questio   more ...

The Student Hotel: Accommodation For Life-Long Learners And Explorers

In a former publishing house, east of Amsterdam’s city centre, the tip-tap of a table tennis game snaps back and forth through the air. There are co   more ...

Expat Living
The Expatriate Archive Centre: A Dutch Home For The Stories Of Expatriates Worldwide

In 1992, as the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company (also known as Shell) prepared to celebrate its centenary, the wives of several senior expatriate employ   more ...

The Netherlands - Efficient, safe, and open-minded, the Netherlands is a charming country where historical architecture, canals and flower markets enchant visitors. Not only an easy country to explore, Holland is also easygoing, with cultured and unassuming people.


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Stuart Billinghurst, Friesland

Who are you?

My name is Stuart Billinghurst. I’m an accident prone Englishman and the writer of   more ...

Amanda van Mulligen, Zoetermeer

Who are you?

I'm British but the Netherlands has been my home since 2000. My husband is Dutch, and my three sons have both Dutch and British   more ...

Melissa Adams, Amsterdam

Who are you?

I'm an American freelance journalist who was born in Los Angeles but spent most of my adult life in Newport Beach, California   more ...

Anya Sokha, Amsterdam

Who are you?

I was born and raised in Southern Russia (where tomatoes get special treatment from that natural sunlight that makes them taste   more ...