An Expat Guide To Work Permits In The Netherlands

Thinking of moving to the Netherlands for work, or looking to employ someone from outside the country? Here are our answers to the most common questions about work permits. EU/EEA members and Swiss nationals are entitled to the free movement of labour and do not require employment permits to work in the Netherlands.As the newest … Read more

An Expat Guide To Bringing Pets Into The Netherlands

If you’re moving to the Netherlands, there is no need to leave your furry friends at home, since the country allows newcomers to bring their family pets with them. However, owners should be aware of the strict conditions relating to pet travel and complete the paperwork in good time. Check out our guide for answers … Read more

Expat Centre IN Amsterdam: A One-Stop Shop For International Newcomers

Expat centres in the Netherlands are enjoying a radical restyle, and IN Amsterdam is leading the way. Expat Focus heads to its HQ in Amsterdam’s stylish World Trade Center to find out more about the rationale behind the new branding and the services that expatriates can expect from the centre.The friendly Anglophone office of IN … Read more

What Expats Need To Know When Moving To The Netherlands

Expats from another European Union country planning to live in the Netherlands for more than three months must register with the nearest Municipality Administration (GBA) and will need various bits of documentation to register. As with most countries, moving to the Netherlands will deliver something of a culture shock but expats will soon find ways … Read more

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