How To Open A Bank Account In Switzerland

The banking secrecy and privacy laws of Switzerland are world-renowned. Starting as a way to protect wealthy European banking interests, Swiss banking secrecy was codified in 1934 with the introduction of the Federal Act on Banks and Savings Banks. Switzerland has essentially been one of the largest offshore financial centres and tax havens in the … Read more

An Expat Guide To Taxation In Switzerland

Switzerland has a worldwide reputation for low taxation but in reality, residents pay a wide and varied range of taxes. The key to it all will be whereabouts in the country you choose to live.The Constitution of Switzerland sets out the extent to which citizens can be taxed, and citizens are asked to vote for … Read more

Is Switzerland Really Too Expensive For Expats?

For most expats and travelers, the word ‘exorbitant’ is what immediately comes to mind when talking about Switzerland. This is hardly surprising, as this Alps country has featured among the top in the list of the ‘Most Expensive Places to Live in the World’ for several years in a row.Almost every single Global Survey on … Read more

A Short Guide To Expat Finance In Switzerland

Switzerland is a very popular country with expats from around the world who aren’t just looking for job opportunities and a low tax regime, but who are also wanting to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle. It would therefore be helpful to give someone thinking of moving to Switzerland an idea of the tax rate they are … Read more

Ten Finance Tips When Moving To Switzerland

Expats living and working in Switzerland are required to pay Swiss taxes. The taxation system in Switzerland is complex as the 26 cantons and almost 2300 municipalities levy different taxes. Managing your money in a different country can seem daunting, so to make things simpler here are ten finance tips that should come in handy … Read more

Just How High *Is* The Cost Of Living In Switzerland?

Switzerland is known for many things – the fine art of watch-making, spectacular ski slopes and melt-in-the-mouth cheeses, among other things. But there’s something else for which the country is known, and that is its exorbitant cost of living. In fact, the Swiss cities of Zurich, Geneva and Bern are often ranked among the top … Read more

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