Arabella Featherstone, Sotogrande, Spain

Who are you? My name is Arabella Featherstone and I’m a Personal Trainer and expert in fitness, nutrition, and weight loss management from England. Where, when and why did you move abroad? I moved to Sotogrande in Spain almost 3 years ago now. What challenges did you face during the move? To be honest, not … Read more

Loraine Marshall, Spain

Who are you? My name is Loraine Marshall. Before moving to Spain, I had my own business in property management and student rentals. I met a businessman in 2009 and started a relationship. I lived in Sunderland in the North East of England, and he lived in York. The relationship seemed good, and we spent … Read more

Dave Proctor, La Safor, Spain

Who are you? Hi, my name is Dave Proctor. During my working life, I worked as an accountant (boring), policeman (mainly CID), legal advisor (I hated this job), wine buyer/sales (hic) and then, lastly, as a sports photographer. Since moving to Spain, I have taken up writing, and to my absolute surprise, I have had … Read more

Laetitia, Barcelona

Who are you? I am Laetitia. I am French-Cameroonian, and I’ve been living in Spain for nearly three years now. Before that, I lived in the UK for about eight years. I’ve been living outside of France for over a decade, and since 2018, I’ve been documenting my move to Spain in a blog, called … Read more

Brett Hetherington, Catalonia

Who are you? My name’s Brett Hetherington and I’m a European (Australian/British) journalist, teacher and author (most recently of Slow Travels in Unsung Spain) living in Catalonia, Spain with my partner/wife Paula and our teenage son Hugo. Where, when and why did you move abroad? Our first move was to Japan in 1999 (where Hugo … Read more

Sam Ritchie, Huercal-Overa

Who are you? My name is Sam Ritchie. I have been writing blogs on and off for seven years. I am also a contributor to the international best selling book 365 Life Shifts. I am the proud director and shareholder of a company that allows normal people to buy gold bullion from as little as … Read more

David, Andalucia

Who are you? My name is David and together with Danya I am responsible for the How To Traveller blog. I am originally from Dublin in Ireland, and Danya is from São Paulo in Brazil. Where, when and why did you move abroad? We first moved from Ireland to Malta to live in 2010 and … Read more

Gavin, Malaga

Who are you? I am Gavin, a 28 year old from Newcastle, who teaches English in Spain and writes occasional blog posts about my adventures along the way. Where, when and why did you move abroad? I originally moved to Australia in 2011 and lived there for almost three years.After some travelling I then moved … Read more

Anna, Finestrat

Who are you? Hi my name is Anna and I’m a 27-year-old German girl from Hamburg.I’ve always loved to travel and discover new places. So far I have lived in the US for an exchange, in Brazil for an internship and different cities in Germany. The next big step was moving to Spain. Where, when … Read more

Brooke Herron, Madrid

Who are you? I’m a Californian, born and raised. I come from a 14 year professional background in the wine industry. I did study abroad in 2005 when I was 25 ( I went to school over many years due to not having enough $ to do it in four years or without loans and … Read more

Adele de Caso, Murcia

Who are you? I am Adele de Caso,and I live with my husband and three children in the Murcia region of Spain. I am an author, success coach and network marketing business owner. Where, when and why did you move abroad? We first moved to Spain in 2006 just for a 9 month period. We … Read more

Ali Meehan, Costa del Sol

Who are you? My name is Ali Meehan, I live on the Costa del Sol and I am a serial expatiate keen to integrate and enjoy the culture of my wonderful new home country. As the founder of Costa Women, I am a social entrepreneur with the largest social networking community for women living in, … Read more

Kelly McLachlan, Santa Pola

My name is Kelly McLachlan. I moved to Spain with my friend to work a season at her uncle’s restaurant back in 2003. It was only supposed to be for one summer and I’m still here…12 years later. The work was already there and we literally packed for just the summer. We were to move … Read more

Anne Pinder, Madrid

Who are you? My name is Anne Pinder, originally from central Iowa (USA), but after more than half my life in Madrid at least partly Spanish. I love hiking, cycling, reading and discovering new places. Where, when and why did you move abroad? My first trip to Spain was a study abroad program. I came … Read more

Cat Gaa, Seville

Who are you? My name is Cat Gaa, and I’m a Chicagoan who moved to Seville, Spain. I’m a Jill-of-all-Trades: I teach, I write, I translate and I’m working on setting up a business! Where, when and why did you move abroad? I finished university in 2007 and wanted to move abroad for a year … Read more

Elle Draper, Almeria

Who are you? My name is Elle Draper, and I live in a little converted farmhouse on the side of a valley in Almeria, in Andalucia – Southern Spain. I live here with my partner, Alan, and our three very enthusiastic rescue dogs These are Guido (Chief of Security / G Unit), a Beagador. Pepper … Read more

Molly Sears-Piccavey, Granada

Who are you? I was born in a Nottinghamshire village in England. I work in the technology sector and in my spare time I enjoy blogging, tweeting and reading. Where, when and why did you move abroad? I moved to Spain in May 1998. First I lived in Barcelona for many years and then in … Read more

Alan Parks and Lorna Penfold, Montoro

We are Alan Parks and Lorna Penfold, and we live in an old Olive Mill in the countryside surrounding Montoro in the province of Cordoba, Andalucia. We moved here in January 2008, having only decided the previous June that we would move. Lorna was a competitive dance teacher for 30 years but was diagnosed with … Read more

Gordon, Almeria

My name is Gordon and I moved to Spain in July 2003 with my new wife Chris to start a new life. We initially moved to a place inland from Alicante called Castalla but have moved several times since, mainly due to work. We had visited friends who lived in Spain in the foothills of … Read more

Justine Knox, Mallorca

I moved to Mallorca, Spain, with my parents in 1985 when I was 15 years old. Changing schools at that age, making new friends and learning a new language My parents had moved to Mallorca to buy a small hotel so I lived with them there. They visited the island a couple of times before … Read more

Alan G, Lanzarote

I moved to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands in 2006 with my partner, Elle. We were looking for a different quality of life, and for a real change in lifestyle. We only had 2 criteria… there must be an established expat community that we could sell our services too, and it must be warm (Elle … Read more

Jennifer Lo Prete, Catalunya

I moved from California to Barcelona, Spain in 2009 with my husband and two young children. My husband was offered an interesting position at a Catalan company. We couldn’t refuse the opportunity to live in Europe, to experience life in a foreign country and to have our children learn Spanish. Little did we know at … Read more

Sue and John Walker, Jumilla

We decided to buy a property in Spain so that initially we could enjoy holidays in our own house there with the idea of moving over permanently when we retired. We were attracted by the climate, the relaxed lifestyle, the culture, the friendly people and we both enjoy good Spanish food and wine. After several … Read more

Fred and Arpi Shively, Alpujarras

I am Fred Shively – freelance creative director, writer, photographer. Arpi Shively – professional writer. We moved to Spain in 2003 from the USA to the Alpujarras in Andalucia because we wanted to get back to Europe. Being an American citizen made it slightly more difficult until we found out that, because I was married … Read more

Ian and Brenda Lee, Nerja

Hi – my name is Brenda Lee aged 49 – for the next 3 weeks! – and I live here at beautiful Lake Vinuela with my Husband Ian aged 62.We have owned property in Spain since 1988 – first Majorca then Nerja. However, we moved over permanently in 2001. The move was fine – apart … Read more

Alan and Clare Baxter, Fuente Vera

We lived in South Lincolnshire prior to our move to Spain, where we bred Pygmy goats. We had the largest breeding herd in the UK, and it was the building up of that over 6 years that gave us the income to sell up and move to Spain. We live in a little village, Fuente … Read more

Steve and Mags Harding, Malaga

We are Steve and Mags (Margaret) Harding. We are both in our mid 50’s and both held full time jobs in the UK, which we gave up to move to Spain. We have a Spanish horse (Enrico – meaning ‘rich’ or wealthy – called Rico for short), a Cocker Spaniel dog (Cokey) he is a … Read more

John and Joyce Bowlings, Almeria

We are the Bowlings, John, Joyce, and the dogs. We always planned to retire early, sell up our house in Barnsley Yorkshire, build a house in Spain and move permanently to Spain to become Residents. We wanted the better climate, the outdoor living, the lower cost of living and all things Spanish. We never wore … Read more

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