Complementary Therapies In Greece And How To Access Them

Greece’s national health system is free at the point of service for anyone who is contributing to the tax system in the country. Emergency care is free for everyone all the time, whether they are residing in Greece or not. Public healthcare will cover all your basic and urgent needs, as long as you are … Read more

How To Look After Your Mental Health In Greece

Moving abroad is one of the main life stressors quoted by psychiatrists and doctors alike. Stress levels can have a big impact on your physical, as well as mental, health and it is important to try to keep yourself as healthy as possible throughout the duration of a significant life change such as moving to … Read more

What Options Are Available For Chronically Ill Expats Living In Greece?

Moving abroad is a complex process for everybody, especially when it comes to sorting out healthcare in a country where you might not speak the local language. But for people living with chronic illnesses, the move can be fraught with difficulties, from setting up health insurance to making sure you can get the right medications … Read more

Prescriptions In Greece: What Is Available And How To Get Your Medications

Moving to a new country is a stressful and confusing experience, even if you are familiar with the local language and culture. In amongst all this, trying to set up healthcare that is comparable to what you would receive at home can present a minefield of options.Prescription medications are not universal: some countries have restrictions … Read more

What Quality Of Healthcare Can You Expect In Greece?

Standards of healthcare in Greece are generally high: it is on a level with most other European countries in terms of the procedures offered at both public and private institutions, and the number of specialists working in the country.However, the level of care you receive can differ depending on where you are based, and the … Read more

How To Keep Your Health Insurance Costs Low In Greece

Greek healthcare is free at the point of service to all residents, regardless of how long you have been living in the country. For this reason, it might seem unnecessary to take out private health insurance: but in fact, you will almost certainly need to do so before you arrive.Although there is no lower limit … Read more

How Much Do Health Procedures Cost In Greece?

Emergency care is free at the point of service for everyone in Greece, regardless of your residency status. Non-emergency general health procedures and appointments with doctors are free for employed residents, as long as you have registered with the national health service.However, getting confirmation of your Greek residency and then registering with the Greek national … Read more

How To Register With The Greek Health System

As in much of Europe, healthcare in Greece is comprised of a two-tier system. Public healthcare is available for all working residents free of charge, but you can opt to take out private health insurance too.The public health service is known as Εθνικό Σύστημα Υγείας or ‘ESY.’ Emergency care is always free for everyone, regardless … Read more

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