How To Rent Or Buy Property In Greece

Property prices in Greece were severely impacted by the 2008 financial crisis, but are on the rise again now that the Greek economy has stabilised. Over 80% of the Greek population own their own homes, and there is a thriving rental business to support the tourism industry. In addition, many foreigners choose to purchase second … Read more

A Short Expat Guide To Buying A House In Greece

Greece, with its place in antiquity as the beacon of enlightenment, culture and civilization, holds a lot of appeal for expats and tourists from around the world. Whether you are drawn to Greece because of its rich history, art and culture or the beautiful beaches and pleasant weather, you will need to do some serious … Read more

Could These Be The New Expat Property Hotspots In Greece?

Greeceā€™s economic situation has led to a significant drop in the price of real estate. This is good news for expats who can now buy or rent property at affordable rates. There are variations in property prices from one island to another with factors like weather and accessibility also playing a role. The location and … Read more