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Sarah Husselmann

Columnists > Sarah Husselmann

Sarah Husselmann

Sydney Is No Longer Foreign, But What About Home?

Posted by: Carole on Wednesday May 16, 2012 (02:36:53)   (2424 Reads)
Sarah Husselmann
Driving through the streets of Sydney on a Friday evening a few weeks ago, I gazed out of the car window enjoying the bright lights and bustling streets. It was a warm autumn evening; bars and restaurants were filling up and pavements buzzed with people looking for an after-work drink. We passed the familiar colours of a 7-11 convenience store and ATM machines branded by Australia’s big four banks – yellow and white; black, red and grey... As I gazed at the passing streets I realised that none of these sights seemed strange; the colours, sounds and smells were warm and familiar, Sydney felt like home.

When we arrived, over two years ago, every sight seemed strange and foreign. When you’re new to a country, the fact that everyday things are styled and branded differently can make you feel like you don’t belong. Two years ago, driving past federation-style semis, white taxis and single deck buses; I felt like I wasn’t part of the picture. The streets around me might have been part of a TV show or movie, they were so far removed from what was real or normal in my life.    more ...

Columnists > Sarah Husselmann

Sarah Husselmann

Winter In Sydney – Brace Yourselves!

Posted by: Carole on Sunday April 15, 2012 (16:41:52)   (9485 Reads)
Sarah Husselmann
In last month’s column I attempted to dispel a myth about the fast pace of life in Sydney, Australia’s most populated city. I explained that pace of life is relative and whether it’s faster or slower, bearable or not, depends on what you’re used to.

This month I’m hoping to forewarn those planning to migrate to Sydney about the harshness of winter. For us, our first winter in Sydney was tougher than any winter we’d spent in the UK despite the generally milder temperatures and complete lack of snow.

The reason our first winter in Sydney was so tough is that we simply weren’t prepared.

Winter is damp and cold

We live by the beach in a fairly old property and no one warned us about the cold and damp we would experience indoors during winter.    more ...

Columnists > Sarah Husselmann

Sarah Husselmann

Slow Down You’re In Sydney!

Posted by: Carole on Thursday March 15, 2012 (01:31:49)   (5512 Reads)
Sarah Husselmann
With a population of around 4.6 million Sydney is Australia’s most populated city and the capital city of New South Wales. If you talk to people from other Australian cities and states they’ll tell you that Sydney life is fast paced, traffic is horrendous and public transport over-crowded. When I arrived in Sydney from London in January 2010 this description did not match my first impressions.

The first time I got the train from Bondi Junction in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs to Martin Place in Sydney’s Central Business District (CBD) I gazed in awe at the number of available seats on the train. As I left the station I had to stop myself from asking commuters to hurry up. I know escalators are already in motion but you’re not supposed to stand still, are you?

Having lived in London for twelve years and commuted by tube, train and bus from the North and South West of London to the City I was used to a head-down-and–get-on-with-it attitude to public transport.    more ...