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Diana Mahmoud

Columnists > Diana Mahmoud

Diana Mahmoud

Gulliver Gal In The Lilliputian World Of Singapore

Posted by: Carole on Wednesday May 15, 2013 (17:21:25)   (2896 Reads)
Diana Mahmoud
I have an amazing social schedule this week, which requires no fewer than three cocktail dresses and one ball gown. Do not get me wrong--I am not a socialite. In fact, most days I identify more closely with Cinderella’s pumpkin than I do with the princess. But in Singapore, a place where the expat social scene often revolves around glamorous charity, social club, and work events, just about every woman is going to have to don a fancy frock and glass slippers every once in a while. My every once in awhile just happens to be occurring all in one week.

As much as I looked forward to the full calendar of events and being the belle of the ball, I have to tell you how stressful it was to find the perfect outfit for each occasion. If you are a curvy gal in Singapore, you will be hard pressed to find clothes that fit unless, of course, you have your very own fairy godmother. Actually, forget my Cinderella analogy altogether.    more ...

Columnists > Diana Mahmoud

Diana Mahmoud

The Blackberry Widows

Posted by: Carole on Thursday March 14, 2013 (23:39:12)   (3632 Reads)
Diana Mahmoud
It is like something out of Greek mythology only with a contemporary twist--a band of women warriors living, playing, and working together in a fantastical island somewhere in Southeast Asia. While those of the testosterone sex do exist, women actually rule society. However unlike the ancient Amazon legend, where a female warrior had to kill a man proving she was fit to marry one, Singapore is a land where expatriated women often come with their partners, but tragically lose them to the songs of small but powerful, modern-day Sirens named Blackberry, iPhone, Galaxy and Droid.

It is a fact that women all over the world bravely fight a never ending battle against these mysterious mobile creatures in a futile attempt to break the powerful, trance-like hold these devices have over their men.    more ...

Columnists > Diana Mahmoud

Diana Mahmoud

From Drive Thru To Home Delivery

Posted by: Carole on Wednesday February 06, 2013 (00:48:37)   (3291 Reads)
Diana Mahmoud
I love cars, but especially the 1967 Mustang “Playboy Pink” edition. If I had a first-born child, I would not trade him or her away for my dream wheels. But I’d be lying to you if I said the exchange wouldn’t be a little bit tempting.

Try not to judge. I get this fascination honestly. I’m American. No where in the world does a stronger bond exist between man and his horseless carriage than in the United States. Whether it’s because the automobile serves as the perfect metaphor for the ideals of individualism, personal liberty, and upward mobility or because Americans simply love the thrill and speed that a few hundred horse-power afford, the car culture thrives despite rising gas prices, carbon emissions, and the noise pollution emitted from talk radio. Heck, even my dog Charlie loves cars. He’s an American Cocker Spaniel, so I suppose it’s part of his psyche too.    more ...

Columnists > Diana Mahmoud

Diana Mahmoud

It's Not Always What You Say, It's How You Say It, Ya'll!

Posted by: Carole on Thursday January 17, 2013 (14:13:30)   (3536 Reads)
Diana Mahmoud
I am a New Jersey-born gal, who moved with her family to the rural, southeastern United States at the ripe-old age of nine. Even though I still lived in the contiguous 48 states, life in 1970s Franklin County, Virginia, the “moonshine capital of the world,” felt like an international assignment because of the many glaring, regional differences. From four-lane freeways to narrow country roads, food cooked in oil to almost everything prepared with lard, the roaring rock of Bruce Springsteen to the honky-tonk tunes of Hank Williams--I had a lot to learn and adapt to when it came to the finer points of the southern landscape.

However, despite my youth and Jersey pride, I quickly ascertained what was for me the most notable difference and important life lesson. As a general rule, southern women had a leg up on their northern sisters in one unique way: They could say anything, even the darndest things, and make it sound like a Shakespearean soliloquy.    more ...