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Columnists > Cary L-D

Cary L-D

My Expat Cravings

Posted by: Carole on Sunday February 01, 2015 (03:46:53)   (2421 Reads)
Fittingly, being 8 months pregnant and a full-blood Expat, my cravings are a mix of all the places I have lived and been influenced by.

Starting off with where I was born: Austria. We have made our first batch of Topfenknödel during this pregnancy, a lovely dessert or even main course of curd cheese dumplings filled with fruit, most traditionally Apricots, or Marillen in Austrian, and covered in browned bread crumbs, dusted with powdered sugar. To be truly Austrian you eat this as main course, preceded by a bowl of soup. This has been something I have always loved about the cooking here: why bother waiting until dessert if you can have it for a main?    more ...

Columnists > Cary L-D

Cary L-D

The Expat Holidays, Celebrating The MischMasch Way

Posted by: Carole on Tuesday January 06, 2015 (04:54:24)   (2354 Reads)
As most things in my little family, our holiday traditions are a bit of a MischMasch of what we grew up with and love from our childhood and various home countries. Where we didn’t spend so much time thinking about these things when it was just the two of us, now that we have one little boy and another on the way, setting up our own little family traditions has become something we put more time into and are enjoying very much.

It always amazes me how many different ways to celebrate Christmas there are even just in Europe. In northern Germany, where we live, Santa Claus, or literally translated Father Christmas, brings the gifts, whereas southern German children get their presents from Baby Jesus, similar to Austria.    more ...

Columnists > Cary L-D

Cary L-D

Five “Must-Do’s” In Vienna, Austria

Posted by: Carole on Thursday November 06, 2014 (03:45:00)   (6014 Reads)
Cary L-D
I come from Vienna, so, after living there for 18 years, I would like to share with you my five must-do’s in this lovely city, without which you should not leave, local, expat and tourist alike.

Schönbrunn Zoo

The oldest zoo in Europe, open since the late 18th century, it fell into disrepute for lack of investment and modernisation when I was little.    more ...

Columnists > Cary L-D

Cary L-D

Now You Have Applied: What Is Studying In The UK Like?

Posted by: Carole on Tuesday October 28, 2014 (00:05:09)   (1502 Reads)
Cary L-D
After having detailed how to apply to the British university system in my last column, now to the interesting stuff:

What is it like to do your degree in the UK?

First of all: congratulations and well done that you have come this far! Your place is secured, your bags are packed and you are raring to go!

What did I find particularly good and useful in my adventures in GB? Here are my main pointers for you:    more ...

Columnists > Cary L-D

Cary L-D

Studying Abroad: How To Apply To Universities In The UK

Posted by: Carole on Tuesday September 09, 2014 (02:48:47)   (3985 Reads)
Cary L-D
Having studied in England myself and wholly enjoyed the experience, I would like to share how one applies to the universities and colleges in GB as a foreigner with you. Many people are daunted by doing their whole degree abroad purely by the fact that the application procedures are different from home, and stick to the limited opportunities on offer, that center mostly around spending a few months to a year abroad. Also a good option, but I would like to take away some of the stigma of studying abroad completely, and maybe some of you, or your kids will find the information useful.    more ...