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Columnists > Ivanka Di Felice

Ivanka Di Felice
Life in Italy, amongst her husband's family, inspired Ivanka to write A Zany Slice of Italy which became an Amazon bestseller. Ivanka and David continue to make Tuscany their home and family, along with quirky situations in everyday life, continue to provide ample inspiration to write.

Ivanka Di Felice

Taking Matters Into His Own Hands

Posted by: Carole on Wednesday September 16, 2015 (23:48:26)   (1747 Reads)
Ivanka Di Felice
“MARIA, PLEASE, WE NEED MORE than five minutes to get ready in the morning,” I remind her the night before. She complies and gives us seven minutes the following morning.

“It breaks my heart to have to wake you,” she says. I’m about to explain when I see Giorgio put on his coat and get the car keys. He has many things to show us today, and, as always, time is of the essence! Why are retired people always in a hurry?    more ...

Ivanka Di Felice

Keeping Up Appearances In Italy

Posted by: Carole on Saturday July 25, 2015 (01:51:25)   (2358 Reads)
Ivanka Di Felice
Having barely survived our hectic existence back home, we’re longing to embark on a slower pace of life here. But my father-in-law seems to be related to the bus driver; he, too, is a man on a mission. With only a couple of weeks left before their departure, Giorgio has much to show us, and time is of the essence! Obstacles such as our extreme jet lag will not be allowed to get in his way.    more ...

Ivanka Di Felice

First Impressions

Posted by: Anonymous on Friday June 19, 2015 (15:32:43)   (1491 Reads)
Ivanka Di Felice
WE ARRIVE IN ROME. NO taxi is available, so we walk to the bus stop and soon discover that cobblestone is no longer charming when one has to wheel enormous heavy suitcases over it. We miss our bus to Abruzzo and must wait three hours for the next one.

Regardless, we put on our new Italian personalities. We will relax, soak in the warm Roman atmosphere, and watch the world go by.

Determined to get us on the next bus, David perches directly in front of the store that sells bus tickets. I doubt that he could have found a less appealing spot to sit in all of Rome. Sweat drips down his face, and his eyes shift to and fro, as he suspiciously watches everyone who approaches to ensure that our luggage will be safe.    more ...

Ivanka Di Felice

Getting To Paradise is Not Always Easy - Byzantine Bureaucracy

Posted by: Carole on Monday May 18, 2015 (02:12:35)   (1480 Reads)
Ivanka Di Felice
MY ITALIAN PRINCE HAS BEEN won over! He has unexpectedly received the most unlikely news: the furniture-making shop that employs him is moving to a new location an hour and half away. Not having the inner demons of retirement charts to contend with, he agrees to take a year off and go to Italy. His parents will soon return to Canada, so their house in Italy will be empty. We embark on the colossal task of getting the necessary documents in order, so that this dream may come to fruition.

Italy is equally as famous for its labyrinthine bureaucracy as for its pizza, wine, and grandeur. Still, a North American mind can never really be prepared.    more ...

Ivanka Di Felice

My Love Affair With Italy Begins

Posted by: Carole on Friday April 10, 2015 (01:55:52)   (1819 Reads)
Ivanka Di Felice
I FELL IN LOVE WITH Italy the minute I spotted that peach-colored swing coat in Florence more than twenty years ago. Though it was ruinously expensive, I had to possess it. Being nineteen at the time certainly helped me decide. I handed over my MasterCard, put on the coat, and pranced out onto the beckoning cobblestone streets of Florence. This coat was indeed so lovely that it caught not only my eye, but the eye of Canada Customs as well. Hence, the coat’s price tag became even more preposterous.

Nonetheless, from that moment on, I was enchanted with a country that could produce such an exquisite item. Thus began my long-standing love affair with Italy.

My next inevitable step was to marry an Italian, for Italians, too, possessed an enchanting air. They were dark, handsome, and stylish beyond any North American’s dreams.    more ...

Ivanka Di Felice

Close Encounters Of The Fowl Kind

Posted by: Carole on Wednesday April 01, 2015 (01:44:47)   (4509 Reads)
Ivanka Di Felice
As we drive down the winding mountain road, I see the national military police up ahead, signaling us to stop. David hits the brakes of the ancient BMW 320. The sudden jolt sets off a round of clucking from the chickens in the backseat. The bamboo stalks roped to the car’s roof slide forward but don’t fall off.

“Documenti,” orders the carabiniere with a sinister glare.

David reaches for the insurance papers in the glove compartment and hands them to the officer, who carefully examines them.    more ...

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