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Columnists > Jennifer Burge

Jennifer Burge
As a certified IT project manager, Jennifer Burge has traveled to over 40 countries. Currently, she lives in Brisbane, Australia and works as a full-time travel memoirist and public speaker on the challenges and rewards of international living. Her ‘How Not To Live Abroad’ guide, The Devil Wears Clogs (available on chronicles her early expat mistakes as an American in Germany and Holland. Follow Jennifer’s adventures worldwide on her blog.

Jennifer Burge

Is Australia Really Trying to Kill Me?

Posted by: Jamie on Tuesday November 24, 2015 (16:22:25)   (1191 Reads)
I read every article on local geography I could get my hands on before my first visit. Being in close proximity to a number of Aussies brought me a wealth of additional information. The only difficulty was sorting fact from fiction. One couple provided in-depth information on the pros and cons of the inner and outer Great Barrier Reef sections. Another implied that Queensland was practically riddled with “salties”−giant saltwater crocodiles−and even the birds were known for their precise dive-bombing skills. While the latter is no doubt true, there are ways of minimizing nearly every wildlife threat, you just have to figure out what they are.    more ...

Jennifer Burge

Road Rules

Posted by: Carole on Wednesday October 21, 2015 (23:22:26)   (2041 Reads)
Jennifer Burge
Recently I stumbled across an article originally printed in The Siberian Times. With a headline like, “Drive from Europe to the U.S.” who wouldn’t’ be intrigued? Earlier this year, the president of Russian Railways proposed an enormous undertaking; a road that would link Alaska with Russia across the Bering Sea.

Wouldn’t that be fantastic? I thought to myself before reality kicked in. The practicalities of the project, including feasibility and cost, had not been examined. It’s hard to believe they ever would be. Even so, the article got me thinking about the many driving styles across the world and how a “collision” of multicultural drivers might look on the open road.    more ...

Jennifer Burge

On Brisbane

Posted by: scar on Monday September 21, 2015 (16:06:31)   (2129 Reads)
Jennifer Burge
“Where?” “Is that near Sydney?” “What is there to do there?” These were the questions I heard when my husband and I chose Brisbane as our new Australian home base over Melbourne, a larger and more developed city than Queensland’s capital. We had never been to Brisvegas, as many like to call it, but we had spent time exploring the state’s incredible natural areas to the north. My visit to Melbourne, while interesting and informative, left a lackluster impression.    more ...

Jennifer Burge

A Double Life

Posted by: Carole on Friday August 21, 2015 (16:51:37)   (2698 Reads)
Jennifer Burge
As this is my first column for Expat Focus, I wanted to say “Hey!” to all my fellow expatriates around the globe. You might have read the review from my recent memoir The Devil Wears Clogs posted here. If you have, you are already aware that I don’t sugarcoat the truth of life overseas. In all its exciting glory, living on a continent far from home can be confusing.

Navigating the culture gap takes time, experience, and skill. I’ve been trying to do it right for fourteen years, yet new situations arise constantly to show me I still have room to grow. If you haven’t read the review, get ready for an injection of honesty and I apologize in advance for not contributing to the illusion that this life is all glam all the time.    more ...

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