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Columnists > Flavia Holman

Flavia Holman
Flavia is originally from Brazil, but has been an expat for 20 years. Having lived as many years in her country of origin as overseas, Flavia currently lives in her adoptive country, the USA and wouldn't change it, although it's about to change.
Through her life and moving around the world, Flavia has worked in hospitality, technology and relocation, but now she is starting on a new journey accompanying her husband in his new job. Flavia mostly writes about what it takes to be an expat and how to ease the transition while moving with kids. You can follow Flavia's adventures on her blog and Instagram.

Flavia Holman

Why You Shouldn't Believe Everything You See On Social Media

Posted by: Scar on Monday April 18, 2016 (12:12:27)   (6241 Reads)
I love social media. Technology is evolving so much and I love how we have platforms, such as Instagram, WhatsApp and Pinterest to connect not only with family and friends, but with people that enjoy the same things that we do. There is no way that things will go back to where they were before, of course not, why would it? I'm sure some people did not like very much when the telephone was invented, but where are we now?    more ...

Flavia Holman

Brazil Vs. USA On Valentine's Day: Differences And Similarities

Posted by: scar on Monday February 15, 2016 (16:44:10)   (4085 Reads)
If you live in the US, Canada, Britain, and other parts of the world, right after new year you will start to see a lot of pink and red in supermarkets and stores. Valentine's Day is approaching and it is a big deal.

Although there are a lot of similarities between Brazil and the USA when it comes to Valentine's Days, there are also a lot of differences on how the two countries celebrate the holiday.    more ...

Flavia Holman

Girl Scouts Cookies: The Time Is Now

Posted by: scar on Tuesday January 12, 2016 (14:17:37)   (1119 Reads)
If you are moving to the US, at some point in the early part of the year you might get a knock on your door and a cute little uniformed girl will ask if you want to buy girl scout cookies. "But what are they?" One might ask? Well, you have to try to find out.    more ...

Flavia Holman

Going From An Independent Expat To A Dependent Trailing Spouse

Posted by: scar on Wednesday December 09, 2015 (13:13:21)   (2748 Reads)
Trailing spouses... I am not sure who came up with this term, but I don't like him or her already. Years ago it was "trailing wives", but my 21st century brain won't let me say those words out loud. It pains me to think of the term 'trailing wife' or spouse. Why, you might ask?    more ...

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