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Columnists > Kathleen Peddicord

Kathleen Peddicord
Author Kathleen Peddicord is editor and publisher of Live and Invest Overseas. She has covered the international beat for nearly 30 years and is considered the world’s foremost authority on overseas living and retirement. She is the author of two books, including How To Buy Real Estate Overseas. More info at

Kathleen Peddicord

3 Places To Live Like A Local Overseas In Retirement

Posted by: KathleenPeddicord on Monday August 28, 2017 (16:38:58)   (1484 Reads)
Many people who move or retire overseas enjoy the familiarity of like-minded company and seek out destinations with expats already in residence. Other retirees want to live among the local community, become a part of the local culture and are happy if they rarely see another American or Canadian expat.

Living a local lifestyle in a foreign community has advantages, including a lower cost of living and of real estate. Without the market influence that expat communities often bring, prices remain at the local level.

In addition, the cultural experience can be richer and more authentic, and it’s easier to learn the local language when you’re using it to get by every day. You may not be able to find an English language expat newspaper, but living as part of the local community can help you to appreciate the best things about being overseas.    more ...

Kathleen Peddicord

2 Simple Steps To Afford An Overseas Retirement On A Budget

Posted by: KathleenPeddicord on Saturday August 19, 2017 (02:37:02)   (5421 Reads)
How much money do you need to move to a new country?

That’s not the question to ask.

The question to ask is this: How much money do you have to live on?

In these dispatches, I introduce you to places where you could live comfortably on as little as $1,200 or $1,500 a month, maybe less. That’s not a big nut… about equal to the average monthly Social Security check.

But maybe a monthly Social Security check is a far distant possibility for you. If you have no other income to count on, is it unrealistic to think about relaunching your life somewhere sunny, warm, welcoming, and adventure-filled?    more ...

Kathleen Peddicord

Why We Always Return To Offshore Real Estate As A Top Asset

Posted by: KathleenPeddicord on Wednesday August 09, 2017 (20:53:09)   (838 Reads)
It’s important to discuss the importance of diversifying both your life and your assets offshore in the current global climate.

The question then becomes: What should you diversify into?

As a speaker at this year’s recent Offshore Wealth Summit put it:

“Physical gold is about as useful in an end-of-days scenario as my ability to make spreadsheets. You can’t eat gold. It’s the farmers who will rule the world if the banking, credit, and financial industries collapse… as they well could…”

Traditional “go-offshore” wisdom holds that every portfolio should include gold. Some advisors say 10% of your assets should be in the yellow metal; others say 20%. I know one go-offshore guru who maintains that at least 50% of any investment portfolio should be invested in gold.    more ...

Kathleen Peddicord

Unretirement: How You Too Can Take Control Of Your Life

Posted by: KathleenPeddicord on Friday August 04, 2017 (02:39:10)   (5161 Reads)
I made my first international move from Baltimore, Maryland, to Waterford, Ireland, with the support of my longtime employer who’d given me the marching orders to establish an EU base for that firm.

I did not choose Waterford but liked the idea of an adventure in the Old World, something I’d daydreamed about since I was a young girl. Waterford and Ireland were happy accidents.

I made my second international move, from Waterford to Paris, again with the support of the firm I’d by that time become a partner in. However, this time I chose the destination. My family and I wanted to be in Paris, and my business partner accommodated the agenda.    more ...

Kathleen Peddicord

Your New Life In France: “Ooh La La” On An Affordable Budget

Posted by: KathleenPeddicord on Monday July 24, 2017 (21:04:04)   (2510 Reads)
In Paris you'll never come up short when looking for places to dine
Detailed Budgets For Your New Life In France (They’re Way Lower Than You Might Think)

Years ago, when we were preparing for our move from Paris to Panama City, my husband Lief presented me with a budget showing that it would cost slightly more for our family to be in Panama City, Panama, than it had been costing us to live in Paris, France.

I suggested he double-check his math.

My husband, the accountant, assured me his figures were correct, and, indeed, Lief’s projections played out. Our day-to-day costs of living in Panama City these past nine years have been a little higher than they were in Paris.    more ...

Kathleen Peddicord

The Palio Of The Contrade: Passion, Intensity, And Intrigue

Posted by: KathleenPeddicord on Monday July 17, 2017 (20:43:02)   (1002 Reads)
The Palio is a big tradition in Siena and draws huge crowds
The World’s Best Horse Race

No one knows for sure when it began or exactly why, but official record formalizes the event starting in 1310. By that time, it was already an institution.

I’ve wanted to witness this spectacle firsthand since I learned of it more than 30 years ago. The Palio of the Contrade, the raw, primitive, visceral horse race with murky origins wrapped in myth that takes place twice every summer in Siena, Italy, captured my imagination from an early age. This is passion, intensity, and intrigue incarnate.

Each July 2 and then again on August 16, mercenary jockeys pound bareback three times around the dirt track of Siena’s Piazza del Campo before a crowd of 60,000 patriots and pilgrims. Each jockey, chosen by each contrada according to an ancient anything-goes system of bribery and backdoor deals agreed with handshakes, is handed a nerbo, a whip made of ox sinew, as he enters the track, with which he is free… indeed, encouraged… to beat and block the other jockeys and their horses.    more ...

Kathleen Peddicord

Back In Paris: This Is What “Retirement” Looks Like To Us

Posted by: KathleenPeddicord on Tuesday July 04, 2017 (03:35:03)   (2100 Reads)
Quaint cobblestone streets make for a great afternoon stroll
One Of My Favorite Things About Paris

I lay still with my eyes closed wondering if there were any chance I’d be able to fall back asleep.

Outside my window, in our courtyard, buzz saws were buzzing, hammers were pounding, and workmen called to each other in French.

I gave up on the idea of slumber and dragged my still-on-Panama-time body out of bed. Here in Paris, it was a bright new sunny summer’s day.

The workers are at it still, and the sounds of their labor distract me as I try to focus. As much as I enjoy writing to you each day, dear reader, I find the scene of men at saw horses and mixing plaster outside my window irresistible.    more ...

Kathleen Peddicord

7 Surefire Tips For Managing Your Financial Life Overseas

Posted by: KathleenPeddicord on Monday June 19, 2017 (20:53:31)   (6386 Reads)
Living or retired in another country, how do you manage your financial life?

Virtually, with the support of a laptop and an internet connection.

At least that should be your goal.

This way, you don’t have to worry about not being able to access an account, get cash, move money, send a wire, or pay a bill. You want these critical functions to be hassle-free… not a distraction and a big pain in the neck getting in the way of all the fun you’re supposed to be having in your new life in your chosen Shangri-la.    more ...

Kathleen Peddicord

Cost Of Living In The Algarve: A Detailed Breakdown

Posted by: KathleenPeddicord on Tuesday June 13, 2017 (01:46:59)   (5314 Reads)
When you think about the world’s cheapest places to live or retire, you probably think first of Latin America or Asia, writing off Europe altogether, figuring no way someone of modest means could ever afford to move to the Old World.    more ...

Kathleen Peddicord

The 4 Best Beaches In Panama

Posted by: KathleenPeddicord on Monday May 29, 2017 (20:40:25)   (1738 Reads)
One of Panama‘s greatest assets is its beachfront. This is a little country with two long coasts and several clusters of outlying islands... meaning lots of different beaches — Pacific and Caribbean, touristy and undiscovered, developed and emerging, accessible and remote.    more ...

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