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Vanessa Anderson

Columnists > Vanessa Anderson

Vanessa Anderson

Where Do I Put My Stuff When House Sitters Arrive?

Posted by: VanessaAnderson on Sunday September 03, 2017 (21:25:59)   (9435 Reads)
Have you ever wondered what you do with your stuff when you use house sitters?

Using house sitters really is the perfect way to leave your home, pets and possessions in the hands of someone reliable, while you travel on a vacation, or go back home to see family and friends.

For many, the prospect of the pets being loved and cared for without any upheaval is enough reassurance to set-off on holiday, care free and sure that all at home will be tickety-boo!    more ...

Columnists > Vanessa Anderson

Vanessa Anderson

Do You Need A Break From Your Expat Lifestyle?

Posted by: VanessaAnderson on Sunday April 09, 2017 (21:00:35)   (10281 Reads)
Is your expat home remote? This is one we looked after in Australia
I'm sure many of us, as expats, relate to this scenario.

You dreamed of retiring and living overseas, and finally your dream became a reality. The excitement was palpable, as was the thrill of having something new to focus on.

I know, because as a serial expat, I've been there, watching as I and others slowly came down from the high and settled into a routine, with the eventual realization that the dream wasn't quite living up to expectations.    more ...

Columnists > Vanessa Anderson

Vanessa Anderson

How I Became A Nomadic Expat After Living In Panama

Posted by: Scar on Friday February 10, 2017 (16:49:31)   (2342 Reads)
For some of us, expat living wasn’t necessarily a conscious plan.

For others it might have arisen out of a need for dramatic change in our lives. Even retirement is a life changing event, where the urge or necessity to reinvent yourself finally becomes stronger than the desire to remain safe and secure in your present circumstances.

I have always had a love of travel and change, but I think my latest lifestyle choice took all my friends and family, including me, by surprise!    more ...

Columnists > Vanessa Anderson

Vanessa Anderson

Try Before You Buy With House Sitting

Posted by: VanessaAnderson on Thursday January 19, 2017 (02:46:52)   (14814 Reads)
Are you considering moving abroad? I'm guessing that's why you might be here, browsing the pages of "Expat Focus".

But how do you know you're doing the right thing when buying a home in another country?

How do you figure out if you'll even like living there?    more ...