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Columnists > Naomi Madelin

Naomi Madelin
When she emigrated from the UK to New Zealand in 2002, Naomi didn’t imagine going back. Ten years later with a husband, a business and two small children, she and her husband decided that the Northern Hemisphere was the right place for the family for a while. After a few years in Bristol the family, needing to move on from their second rental home, decided to up sticks to their studio apartment high in the French Alps and throw their children into the local school. With a plan to move longer-term near Barcelona, Naomi writes about being a serial migrant, the challenges and joys of new cultures, new languages, small space living and more. You can read more on her blog, Jumping Off Books. Her first book, all about her early experiences of moving from London to rural New Zealand, is available on ebook or paperback here.

Naomi Madelin

Choosing Schools In France

Posted by: nimnom on Thursday July 12, 2018 (07:47:33)   (779 Reads)
There are plenty of well-written articles explaining the French school system - but I struggled with understanding school years, and finding information on choosing schools.

Similar to in the UK, if you opt into the state school system in France, the default is for your child to go into the school closest to your home. So, like in the UK, those who can move into areas that have good schools. But how to find out which schools are good in France? This article gives you some links and pointers to help you find your way with choosing schools in France.

The focus is on state schools, but links provided also give valuable insight into private collèges and lycées.    more ...

Naomi Madelin

Just Because They Speak The Same Language...

Posted by: nimnom on Wednesday May 30, 2018 (19:28:03)   (344 Reads)
Look out for the cultural divide - wherever you are!
When my now-husband and I moved to New Zealand from the UK in 2002 we were pretty green about the Land of the Long White Cloud. I’d travelled there in the late 1990’s, fallen in love with it (as a single traveller) and decided I needed to move there.    more ...

Naomi Madelin

Integrating - New School, New Language, New Culture

Posted by: nimnom on Thursday April 19, 2018 (10:31:47)   (700 Reads)
Learn with your child
When we moved to France (at rather short notice) in March last year, we threw our two girls, aged 7 and 9, into the local school.

Our experience was one of learning. This article aims to pass on some of our experiences, and lists my tips for smoothing the way in a new school, new language, new culture.

It was a learning experience for all of us and I hope others can learn from it.    more ...

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