Thérèse Lafleche, France

Who are you? Thérèse Lafleche, a mother of two, wife, and gypsy soul. Born in Canada, I have had a strong sense of wanderlust since the age of 16 and first remember wanting to travel when I was six and saw a globe in my uncle’s office. I am also the founder of Passport Lifestyles. … Read more

Nikki McArthur, Toulouse

Who are you? My name is Nikki McArthur, I moved to France from the UK back in 2004 with my husband and three children.We now have five children (the two youngest were born in France). I’m a freelance proofreader / document formatter and run several other businesses with my husband and eldest son. Where, when … Read more

Catherine, Annecy

Hi there, Catherine here. My husband and I moved to the French Alps (Annecy) from Australia in 2009 with our then 6, 9 and 12-year-old children.It was certainly not a spur of the moment move – that doesn’t happen when you are 15000 km distant – and it was probably a somewhat tentacular original discussion … Read more

Katie Gardner, Lauzun

Who are you? Katie Gardner. Where, when and why did you move abroad? To Lauzun, Lot et Garonne, 2008 to get married. What challenges did you face during the move? Getting all the necessary paperwork together.And going from managing a staff of 300 across 11 sites in Scotland to a staff of 1 (my husband) … Read more

Katrin Lindenbauer, Bordeaux

Who are you? I am Katrin Lindenbauer, originally from Austria and happy to gain experience abroad for more than two years. Where, when and why did you move abroad? When I was younger, I could not imagine myself living anywhere else than in Austria. I had a lack of self-confidence and considered myself as an … Read more

Richard Haylock, Dordogne

Who are you? My name’s Richard Haylock, and my wife’s Alison.Where, when and why did you move abroad? We moved to the Dordogne in November 2014 after retiring and wishing to open a B+B in a warmer country than Scotland. What challenges did you face during the move? Moving three dogs, two people, two vehicles, … Read more

Bruce Smith, Clerac

Who are you? Bruce Smith, a fashion portrait and fine art photographer, author of photography books and tutor of photography.Where, when and why did you move abroad? I moved to Clerac near Bordeaux in March 2015 to help a friend restore a Napoleonic chateau. What challenges did you face during the move? At first I … Read more

Laura, Haute Vienne

Who are you? My name is Laura, I’m a 34-year-old blogger and psychotherapist living in France since the end of 2018. I work here in France as a micro-entrepreneur offering online counselling to English speakers all over the world. I also run the blog and the associated Instagram account @frugalfrance where I focus on … Read more

Yvette Van Loon, Paris

Who are you? I am Dutch and living in Paris; love playing golf and I am a member of one of the oldest golf clubs in France situated at the coast of Normandy.I work for an originally Dutch company which has a presence in France. Where, when and why did you move abroad? I moved … Read more

Yvonne Shao, Paris

Who are you? Hello! My name is Yvonne Shao, and I am an American piano teacher-turned-writer. A couple of years ago we decided to travel around the world and then move to Paris. Where, when and why did you move abroad? Because my husband can work remotely, we had thought of moving internationally for a … Read more

Yvonne Northrop, Brittany

Who are you? My name is Yvonne Northrop, I am married to my American husband Jim. We have lived in many different parts of the world during our long marriage. Our young married life was spent in the USA, where at the time, life was full of adventure and times were much easier than today.We … Read more

Eva, Nancy

Who are you? Hi! My name is Eva, I’m 24 years old and I come from Germany. Where, when and why did you move abroad? The first time I moved abroad was in August 2014. I came to Paris to spend an Erasmus semester at Université Paris Dauphine.This experience has changed my life I would … Read more

Aga, Lyon

Who are you? My Name is Aga and I am a Pole. I think my passion for travelling but mostly for discovering new cultures and exploring different lifestyles started at the university. I have been actively spending any free time in the international environment and enjoyed it a lot. I worked part time abroad, I … Read more

Christopher GJ Cooley, Bordeaux

Who are you? My name is Christopher GJ Cooley, I come from the South-West of England. Where, when and why did you move abroad? I have lived abroad before but on this occasion I moved to Bordeaux at the end of summer in 2013. The main reason was to learn a second language. What challenges … Read more

Kim, Near Chateaubriant (Loire Atlantique)

Who are you? Hello! I’m Kim, an American from Massachusetts currently living and working in France with my boyfriend and our smiley dog Jojo. Where, when and why did you move abroad? I moved to France one year ago to be with my boyfriend after several years of long distance. We both work for a … Read more

Richard Nahem, Paris

Who are you? Richard Nahem, born and raised in New York City. I was a chef and caterer in New York for 21 years before I moved to Paris. I now have a successful private tour business where I show clients the insiders Paris they never usually see on their own and I also … Read more

Diane Wargnier, Loire Valley

Who are you? My name is Diane and I’m an American originally from New Jersey now living in France’s Loire Valley with my husband, Tom, and Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Dagny. Where, when and why did you move abroad? I live not far from Angers, France, and moved here about two years ago. What challenges … Read more

Rosalyn Chapman, Brittany

I’m Rosalyn Chapman. I moved to France in 2005. I had always wanted to move to France, I wanted to move home anyway, that’s how the dream became reality. We put our house in the UK on the market and after selling we came on an extended holiday to Brittany, the plan was to look … Read more

Chrissie, Nice

Who are you? Hi, I’m Chrissie, an Australian living and working in Nice, France. Like many of my compatriots, I headed off to discover the world upon completion of my university degree and ended up here in the sunny South of France. That was back in 2007. When I first arrived I was offered an … Read more

Cora, Cambrai (Northern France)

Who are you? Hi everyone! I’m Cora! I’m from Melbourne, Australia and currently live in Cambrai, France; a small city an hour outside of Lille in Northern France. I keep up a blog called “The adventures of an Australian girl in France” where I talk about my travels, daily life in France and give advice … Read more

Jenny and John Lovett, Huelgoat (Brittany)

Who are you? Let me introduce ourselves, I’m Jenny, I’m 42 and in my previous life I worked in Adult social care and supported housing. I left work full time approximately two years ago to work as a part time freelance Quality Management Consultant (great title, I know and roughly translated it meant that I … Read more

Carrieanne Le Bras, Banon (Provence)

A whirlwind of emotions flowed through me the moment I saw the positive sign on my pregnancy test. An American living in France with my French husband, I should have been mentally prepared for this moment. Excitement quickly washed away when it occurred to me that I knew nothing about giving birth and raising a … Read more

Catherine Broughton, Bourges and Charente-Maritime

We faced inordinate difficulties when we moved to France, the worst being the bureaucracy. I set up my own little estate agency because my teaching qualifications just seemed to confuse the local Headmaster and he wasn’t interested. It was too far to drive anywhere else, I had three small children, my husband spoke no French … Read more

Janine, Pas-de-Calais

I’m an ex Londoner and I bought an old farmhouse that needed a lot of work about ten years ago. I moved here full time a couple of years ago when I decided to take a sabbatical from my job as a freelance project manager for financial corporations. Within months I took in a stray … Read more

Claire Connor, Paris

My name is Claire and I’m originally from Nottingham, England. As part of my university studies, I spent one year living in Paris from 2008-2009, fell in love with the place and decided to come back for more in May 2011. I blog about my Paris experience on I love the experience of living … Read more

Laura, Lille

My name is Laura and I am an American girl currently living in Lille, France. Find out more about my life in France on my blog: The Everyday Life of a Young American Girl in France, and keep up with me day to day on Twitter @LauraLaLilloise. I spend a lot of my time being … Read more

Vicki Riley, Nice

My name is Vicki Riley, I was born in England, grew up in Shakespeare’s county of Warwickshire and moved to Nice in 1999 for 6 months. 12 years later, I’m still here and I write a blog about my everyday life in the Cote d’Azur over at I moved to Nice in 1999 as … Read more

Claire, the Camargue

I am an English mademoiselle who moved to the South of France with her petit copain start a new enhanced way of life. I love latin dancing, bloggin, reading, spending time with friends and family, learning French, experiencing new experiences everyday, living close to the beach. My boyfriend and I met in England in 2008, … Read more

Richard Nahem, Paris

My name is Richard Nahem, and I am a private tour guide in Paris and write a popular Paris blog I lived in New York City all my life till I moved here 6 years ago in 2005. I had always dreamed about living in Paris since I first visited in the late 1970s. … Read more

Stephanie Dagg, Creuse

We are the Anglo-Irish Dagg family consisting of myself Stephanie and husband Chris, children Benjamin (now 19), Caitlin (now 17) and Ruadhri (9), and an ever growing menagerie of animals including alpacas, cats, dog, goats, guinea pigs, hens, llamas, rabbits and turkeys. In August 2006 we left Co. Cork, Ireland, our home for the previous … Read more

Harry, The Charente

Many many years ago, way back in the 60s, I was stranded in France. The aircraft I was flying in developed engine trouble and we were forced to land and await parts from the U.K. before we could continue on our journey. The wait and subsequent repair to the aircraft lasted about a week, so … Read more

Erica and Eric, La Cote St Andre

My name is Erica; I am an American citizen living in France. I am married to a French citizen. His name is Eric, and he lived in the US for over 20 years. I am an original cowgirl and poet from Cody, Wyoming and he is an outstanding jazz guitarist and guitar instructor educated in … Read more

Delorys Welch-Tyson, Côte D’Azur

My name is Delorys Welch-Tyson. I was born and raised in New York City. I am an author and painter living in the South of France. We moved here to the South of France in February of 1999. My husband was able to retire, so we figured we’d opt for a more stress-free existence, by … Read more

April Hollands, St Jean de Sixt

I’m April Hollands, originally from Melbourne, Australia before spending a few years in London, then flitting between the French Alps as a ski bum in winters and working two jobs in Cambridge to pay for the luxury, then finally moving to the French Alps permanently and finding work. I moved to London back in 2000, … Read more

Sion Dayson, Paris

Sion Dayson, an American in Paris. I’m a writer originally from New York and North Carolina. Unlike a lot of expats here, I had never dreamed of living in Paris. I spoke Spanish, longed for warm weather, and didn’t display any Francophile tendencies. So wouldn’t you know it? I fell in love with the City … Read more

Cynthia Caughey, Chambery (French Alps)

I’m a 51-year old American expat living in Chambery in the French Alps. I moved here in 2008 to marry my fiancé, now husband, who is a French citizen. We met when I was vacationing in Provence on a train to Avignon. After a 2.5 year long distance relationship between Chambery and Los Angeles, I … Read more

Alan Simonds, Basse Normandy

My name is Alan Simonds. Born in England in 1945 I lived in Balham with my parents and my brother until I was five. The family moved to New Zealand in 1950, but for various reasons my father decided to move us back to England in 1956. We then lived in Surrey where I went … Read more